8. Women who resist are witches: burn the TERFs

The anti-feminist propaganda term "TERF" supposedly stands for "trans exclusionary radical feminist." Like all good propaganda terms, it misrepresents what it purports to describe.

Radical feminists include all female humans as women and all male humans as men. It is trans activists who wish to exclude insufficiently masculine men from the word "man" (and insufficiently feminine women from the word "woman.") Furthermore, the label "TERF" is regularly applied to people who are not radical feminists - radical feminism is a specific analysis; the "radical" refers to getting to the "root" of the problem and does not signify an "extreme brand" of feminism (nor is insisting on the continued existence of words denoting female and male humans in any way extreme.)

The term "TERF" is used to 1) instantly dehumanize anyone who refuses to go along with transgender identity politics, 2) threaten non-compliant women with violence, and 3) ultimately silence dissent.

Who is a TERF?

If you know human babies don't come from storks, you are a TERF.

If you have a feminist analysis of gender, you are a TERF.

If you think female humans should have our own private spaces, you are a TERF.

A TERF is anyone who does not 100% agree with AND eternally prioritize transgender identity politics. It doesn't matter if you include transsexual people in your life/organization/services; it doesn't even matter if you are yourself a transsexual person - if you don't repeatedly and publicly state that 1) people born with penises are female if they feel like it and 2) people born with penises who "feel female" are the most important and oppressed female people in the world, you are "trans exclusive."

(Noted TERF Shirley Chisolm:)

TERF is most definitely a slur:

More importantly, the label "TERF" excuses this sort of violent rhetoric (refer to this series of images whenever you hear the oft-repeated obvious reversal "TERFs want us dead" from transgender activists):

Many, many more screenshots showcasing the abusive use of the word "TERF" at https://terfisaslur.com/.

Once a feminist is branded "TERF," she must be publicly repudiated by anyone who wishes to remain untainted by association. Two takes on this: Sarah Ditum, How TERF Works, and Terry MacDonald (pseudonym), Are you now or have you ever been a TERF?

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